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The only thing that remains constant is change:

After much arguing and consideration, we have decided to stop paper publishing the ‘zine: “The Blynde Eye (I)”. Relax. I’m still publishing online. As well as a number of other projects. This has been coming for some time. To really understand this, let me somewhat explain my life…

…I am an artist. Not only that, but an artist with a forty hour a week job who by the way, hates deadlines. I absolutely LOVE publishing horoscopes , columns and small stories for various other electronic ‘zines and I would like to nurture those other sites and publishers as much as possible. I also LOVE photography, of which I have not been able to embrace the way I want to as a art media recently due to “Deadlines”. To be blunt, a zine is a work of love, and electronic media is the wave of the future to meet more people with the wave of a mouse as well as the flourish of the pen. Also due to postage hell and printing costs, one hates being broke at the end of the day. Not only that, but I hated pouring out my best works for all the magazines I ever published, and smiling, letting other people get the credit for my own ideas.

Sometimes, it takes a big step back from the watercolor on the wall to see the full effect of the brushstrokes.

It takes a minute to see the whole picture to comprehend the full effect of your choices. I would like to thank K.LeMorte of LeMorte Photographie for being a sounding post, SP Foxx for letting me throw darts at her, Domini for the ultimate red head model that only a sister could love, and Mikki for kicking me back in to play when lethargy took hold too hard to shake loose manys a time. There are various other people I would like to thank, they KNOW who they are. (Jen/Blue/Velvette/Erika/Blade/Gavin/Julian/Nick/Ghy…)

Let me tell you a little bit about me. No… Not the “I’m a goth, take me out of the light” me. No… Not the “I’m not a vampire, but I’ve played one on T.V….” NO. Just Me truly.

I am a costumer. I am a Ren.Faire Re-enactor. I am a real publisher that publishes REAL books. I am a fiber artist and above everything else, I am a writer.

I have had FOUR books unfinished hanging over my tired laptop in my office because of “Deadlines”. This is what I hear ALL THE TIME from the unpaying masses: “When is the next issue coming out?!?” “Why couldn’t you have done the zine THIS way???” A constant barrage from some people I have never heard from in my life and made this effort a lot less fun. I am currently in the finishing third edit job on a fabric arts book for a museum. The first out of a ten book series.

Plus I am in the beginning of the first edit of my nearly complete novel.

Not to mention my own horoscope booklet series and CD.

Needless to say, with all these other projects, The Blynde Eye was always the last on my list to get my full attention. EXCEPT when I was working with it online. The internet is like a release in a mental note sort of way. There I can scan, blog, rant, sell stuff to my little heart’s content.

When I was at the Renegade Craft Faire in Chicago this September, I realized I wanted to get more into selling my physical art. And I spoke to a lot of women artists there. I learned a lot.

I can reach a bigger audience online, more so that I ever could with paper.

…Plus I am not killing SO many trees. Especially when my heart is not in the project.

I went on vacation this past Halloween with K.LeMorte. For the first time in about four or five years, a real honest to God vacation without ANY ulterior motives (like business), but to actually have FUN. The most fun that I have had in quite some time. As I sat in the balcony looking over Bourbon Street, I read the inscription that Michelle Belanger left me in her new book; “The Psychic Vampire Codex.” (Which I whole heartily suggest reading!). The inscription read:


Seek your own truth.”

Then it dawned on me. My friend Nicholas Strathloch always called them: “The AHA! Moment.”

This is MY life.

As much as I love other people (sometimes in more ways than one…), they do not control MY life. On that note, I’d like to add that my father died this last year. Ironically two days after father’s day. No. I didn’t speak with him for at least 5 years. No, I’m not looking for drama either.

It’s a liberating feeling actually. We had a strained relationship.

As I said before:

This is MY life, remember?

That’s why I giggle and guffaw when I see a new generation of angst laden gothie wannabes. I hear the term ‘Vampire’, and I laugh. Such antiquated terms for such a crumbling society. Gothic/Fey/ Strigoi/ Vampire/whatevah.

Whatever your spin of ‘alternative’ life is, remember we are ‘family’ we should respect and love one another as such.

So, in conclusion, The Blynde Eye (I) is strictly online from now on. I encourage you all to get out there in the world and be seen, be known, write, publish, sling paint. Why? Because guess what?

It’s YOUR life.

Do as you want, just don’t hurt anyone in the process.

Wear Jello on your head if that’s your goofy thing. Whatever.

Please visit our website often, we are always doing something. Who knows what.

On a final note, I would like to tip the hat to the city of New Orleans. The home for which I met three great ladies, who made me part of a great legend---Totally by accident. They know who they are.

I have wonderful friends there and wish them well.

The same for my California Kumpania, love to you all in these rainy times.

Remember, if you believe in something strong enough, it WILL exist. No matter if it’s vampires, werewolves, or even origami bunnies! All you have to do is believe.

I have to go now, the internet is screaming my name, books to edit, costumes to make, belly dancing to learn, gypsy tales to tell, scarves to knit, drop spindles to paint….you know the drill.

See you in cyberspace.


T.J. “Pandora” Teer

A.K.A. Your Auntie Pan Pan




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You should go check them out. If you are looking for those other sites.GOOD LUCK.
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