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Monday, 3 October 2005
Sagittarians need love too.
I have been noticing a pattern in my socio astrology belief that there is a problem with Sagittarians lately. Either leg problems , tripping a lot or just things on a whim just fall out of shelving and whapps them in the head. I hope someone can explain this to me. because I don't want to hear if one of my Sagittarian friend is now in a hospital because a phallic candle at an occult store leapt up and bonked her in the head. That would be bad.
Something about Sags always seems to get them into trouble...or realistically ALMOST into trouble...but they always land on their feet. and they aren't even cats. Most Leos I know seem to lean a lot which is why they DON'T fall over. Sags. God bless em.

Posted by blyndei at 1:55 PM CDT
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Thursday, 15 September 2005
Hurricane Katrina
Mood:  blue
For every soul that ever walked down the cobblestones of Bourbon street. I am asking. I am begging you to give what you can to whatever cause you believe in. If you don't have funds, Give blood maybe at your local Red Cross. If that makes you squeamish. Give your soul. What the heck am I talking about. For one moment on September 30 at midnight. I want you to take a moment and pray. Yeah. That's right. pray. I don't care who you pray to. I don't care what or who you believe in. I want everyone to pray. I am praying that those we love are found. I am praying that all turns around and we can all learn from all of this. Just pray.

Posted by blyndei at 11:19 PM CDT
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Wednesday, 6 April 2005
Mood:  caffeinated
If in most ancient texts that claim that man were made out of clay, does that mean that mud wrestling is a form of divine symbolic worship?

Posted by blyndei at 5:12 PM CDT
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